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Status of Repair Work

The Saint-Sergius hill was built on marl soil covered with rubble from nearby quarries at the time of the creation of the Chaumont hills (under Napoleon III).

A drilling campaign was carried out in 2015 up to 55 m deep. These campaign showed that the ground is partly shifting. In this context, several buildings on the hill, including the red cottage, the yellow cottage and the Church, have insufficient foundations. The urgency of the situation was underlined by the Paris City Hall in its letter of July 30, 2019. In view of the work carried out, the Paris City Hall agreed to "temporarily suspend the issuing of a danger decree" while asking to carry out urgent remediation work.

The total repair of the sewerage network represents the number 1 emergency of the work to be carried out. This concerns the collection and evacuation of river water and waste water on the entire Hill (see in particular the list of work remaining to be carried out in the sections Saint-Sergius of Radonezh Church and Bât B - Student Housing). The condition of the existing pipes was analyzed during an inspection campaign carried out in 2015. It was found that many sections are defective, and show a loss of watertightness. The repair of this network began during the reconstruction of the building of the old "candle workshop", with the section between the candle workshop and the red cottage.

At the end of 2021, the section between the red cottage and the rue de Crimée was urgently resumed, because manholes were blocked and a washout had dug in the path. A technical file, currently being finalized, provides for the repair of the remaining network in 3 stages:

  • Collection and evacuation of the foyer and red cottage to rue Meynadier
  • Collection and evacuation of the church on the south side to rue Meynadier
  • Collection and evacuation of the church on the north side.

The map below shows the site of the Saint-Sergius hill in Paris. In the sections on the left, we detail the current state of the site as well as the work to be carried out for each building.